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Top 7 Benefits of Magnesium Oil Spray

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Before getting into the benefits of Magnesium Oil Spray, it's important to understand what Magnesium Oil Spray is.

Magnesium is one of six “macro-minerals”, major minerals needed by the body in larger amounts.

Magnesium is what produces energy, helps our muscles relax, and aids in adjusting our levels of cholesterol produced and released into the blood stream.

Over 60% of Canadians are magnesium deficient. Magnesium is known as the ‘spark of life’ because of its essential role in a healthy body.

There is a growing interest in transdermal absorption of magnesium in large part because of the laxative affect of magnesium supplements taken orally. Magnesium oil has emerged in recent years to address this concern. Beach Labs Magnesium Oil is the first and only 100% Canadian sourced transdermal magnesium oil on the market.

Top 7 Benefits of Magnesium Oil Spray

1. Fights Depression

Magnesium plays a vital role in brain biochemistry, influencing several neurotransmission pathways associated with the development of depression.

Personality changes, including depression, agitation, confusion, anxiety, and delirium are observed when there is a deficiency of magnesium.

The mood-improving potential of magnesium compounds have been confirmed by the results of numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies.

2. Reduces Anxiety

Findings released from the Survey on COVID-19 and Mental Health (SCMH) indicated that one in four (25%) Canadians aged 18 and older screened positive for symptoms of depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in spring 2021.

According to a systemic review, lower levels of magnesium or magnesium deficiency have been linked to higher levels of anxiety. Therefor, if you experience anxiety, the Beach Labs Magnesium Oil Spray may be able to benefit you.

2. Prevents Migraines

Research indicates that people who suffer migraines are more likely to have magnesium deficiencies.

Some studies have found that one gram of magnesium can provide relief from an acute migraine attack faster than certain common medications.

If you or someone you know suffers migraines, magnesium oil spray is definitely worth trying.

4. Relieves Muscle Cramps and Spasms

Magnesium works to aids in the soothing, recovery, and relaxation of muscles.

When you use a magnesium oil spray, it can help regulate muscle contractions, neuromuscular signals, and calcium levels in the body.

5. Increases Energy Levels

Magnesium supports hundreds of chemical reactions in your body, and many people find themselves fatigued in the middle of the day because they're getting less magnesium than they need.

One key role that magnesium plays is helping convert food into energy. Increasing your magnesium intake can in turn increase energy.

6. Promotes a Good Nights Sleep

In 2017, Sleep statistics for Canada reveal one in five Canadians wake up without feeling well rested, 35% of Canadians have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, and 55% of women have trouble falling asleep.

Using Magnesium Oil Spray can help ease a racing mind and improve sleep.

7. Lower Risk of Hypertension

Currently, more than 1 billion people worldwide are affected by hypertension.

Clinical evidence suggests that an appropriate intake of dietary magnesium can be beneficial in controlling blood pressure. Researches have concluded that increasing your magnesium intake may lower your risk of suffering from a store, or lower the risk of mortality after a heart attack.

While it's important to eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise, magnesium oil can give your heart the extra boost it needs.

Try Beach Labs Magnesium Oil Spray.

As you've learnt, the Magnesium Oil Spray has a wide range of benefits and can drastically improve your day to day with just a few sprays. So why not try it out?

When you purchase your Magnesium Oil Spray from BeachLabs, you are investing in your health and well being in addition to buying conscientiously from a local, trustworthy, and sustainable source.

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