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Our Story

Here at Beach Labs, our goal is for everyone to do more of what they love. Our story began when we started looking to get the most out of our active lifestyles in pursuit of good health and healing. We discovered the restorative power of topical magnesium but weren’t satisfied with how existing products are made: processes with questionable environmental implications from fracking and chemicals. So we set out to make the best possible product that meets our exacting standards.


Combining a postgraduate degree in chemistry and almost a decade of producing all-natural food products led us to a conclusion: concentrated magnesium chloride could be made sustainably and naturally. After extensive research and development, we are proud to give you Beach Labs Magnesium Oil - the first 100% Canada-sourced magnesium oil, distilled from the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean. 


Beach Labs is a 1% for the Planet Partner. We believe in taking care of the planet, and we act on this belief by giving back a portion of your purchase to highly vetted non-profit organizations through 1% for the Planet. Together, our combined contributions support Surfriders Foundation, a charity organisation that puts all their energy into protecting and maintaining the very same pristine Canadian shoreline Beach Labs calls home.


Our Approach

Our process begins on a beautiful private beach on a remote coastline of British Columbia.

A powerful pump pulls up water from deep beneath the ocean’s surface and runs it through a unique multi-step micron level filtration process. Only then is the seawater boiled off and distilled to reveal the remaining pure elements and minerals left behind. This resulting brine is then cooled, filtered again, and bottled by hand in our food-certified production facility.

The result of this process is the purest, most bioavailable form of magnesium chloride you can find, made with a focus of minimal impact on the environment. Every batch is rigorously tested to ensure quality and consistency. The result is a 100% natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free magnesium oil, with a mineral concentration comparable to that of the dead sea.

We make sure that no part of our process goes to waste as every result of the harvesting process is put to good use. The clean fresh water produced through filtration goes towards local farmland, and the resulting sea-salt is enjoyed in numerous gourmet restaurants around the country. Even waste heat from the kettles is recycled back towards heating our infrastructure.

Power and Purity



Zero Waste

5-10 sprays of our highly
concentrated magnesium oil provides 15mg of elemental magnesium

from clean and

pristine ocean water,

micro-filtered and distilled to ensure the

highest purity.

The skin is your body’s
largest organ and offers
an efficient and
convenient route for
magnesium absorption.
Beach Labs Magnesium Oil is non-greasy, odourless, and fast-acting - no need to swallow hard pills!

Our easy-to-use trigger
spray puts those hard to reach places back on the body map. And no need to worry about spills and mess – our leak-free bottle is workout bag and
travel safe.

Small batch & sustainably produced

in beautiful British Columbia,

Canada. Once you’re done, simply reuse or recycle the bottle!

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